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Innovation Implemented

Digitalization is a team sport.

That's why we see ourselves as part of your team. Together with you, we make your company fit for the digital change and shape the transformation - from the analysis phase to successful implementation.
mgm consulting partners is a management consultancy for digitalization and transformation.

We work with your business, the organisation and IT and enable them to master the necessary change quickly, safely and successfully.
mgm consulting partners
Innovation Implemented.
How we Work

Digitalization from a single source.

We see ourselves as part of your team. Together, you and we will make your business fit for the digital transformation, shaping it from the analysis stage right through to successful implementation.

Exchanging information and passing on knowledge are important factors in this process. We are pleased to share with you our project experience, our methodological skills and our industry expertise, both in the joint project and in various other formats. You can gain exciting insights in our ‘mgm insights’ blog.

Insights Digital Consulting

mgm Podcast

Interviews on all aspects of digital transformation.

mgm Insights

Our blog about digitalization & more about mgm.


Culture & Team

For us, industry experience, expertise and methodological competence belong together. Our consultants deliver professionally and methodically excellent consulting results for the management level in companies.

We don't just advise. We do.
Professionalism, integrity, openness - these are the values we stand for. And which we live in every project. We see ourselves as part of your team and accompany you through all phases of your project.

Individual AI solutions

We offer customized AI-based solutions that we embed into your business processes to specifically increase productivity.
Our AI solutions are aimed atenterprise customers who want to implement a sustainable and scalable AI strategy.
AI Workshop
Are you looking for concrete approaches?
We build use cases and solutions
  • Modules: AI basics, AI strategy, AI examples
  • Target groups: Management, specialist area, IT, beginners, experts
  • Results Documents for use in the company
Location: At the customer / at an mgm location / remote
Max. Nr. of participants: 7
from € 9,000 *
AI Reality Check
Do you have ideas?
We evaluate and plan.
  • Business case creation
  • Development metric
  • Risk/reward assessment
  • Test data creation and evaluation
Duration: 4-6 weeks
Team Size: from 2 + 2 (customer / mgm)
from € 20,000/month *
AI Pilot
Do you want to
implement specific use cases?
We deliver.
  • Implementation of a subject-specific use case
  • Optimization for customer use and target metrics (KPI)
  • Agile implementation
  • Support through change management & communication
Duration: 2-4 months
Team Size:
from 3 + 3 (customer / mgm)
from € 40,000/month *
AI Scale
You want to go corporate?
We roll out.
  • Scaling strategy, planning and support
  • Typical scenario: Scaling an AI pilot
  • Inclusive concepts, change management and communication
Duration: 6-12 months / accompanying
Team size: individual (PL, BA, Dev, DevOps...)
Individual agreement
AI Suite
Do you need secure technology?
We supply everything up to the infrastructure.
  • mgm AI Hosting
    from €2.000/month
  • mgm AI Knowledge Chat
    € 900/month + hosting
  • mgm AI Email Assistant
    € 1.900/month + hosting
  • mgm AI Dev Framework
    included with every license
Term: 12 months
Assessment: flat rate, depending on company size
Annual license (flat rate)
* all prices net plus VAT
Contact us for advice and your individual offer:

Jan Jikeli
Head of AI

mgm Talks

Tim Rudolph

“Cross-functional teams are not an end in themselves. They integrate all necessary skills into the team and thus avoid dependencies on others.”

Steffen Schairer

“Digitization is not about IT, it’s about people.”

Dr. Ruth Betz

“The sense of the disruptive”

Prof. Ulrich Weinberg

“Digitization is Team Sport”

Marcus Warnke
mgm consulting partners

“Complexity is the enemy?! Sometimes, sometimes not.”

Karel Golta

“Innovation – Against Powerlessness”

Tim Döppner
Lidl Digital

“Lidl is moving”

Benedikt Jost
mgm consulting partners

“Agiler Mumpitz?!”

Frank Roth

“How can tradition and digitisation be combined?”

Marcus Franke
Coca Cola (CCEP)

“Digital transformation as the core of IT strategy”

David Mertin

“Ship ahoi – Digitalization in the cruise industry”

Matthias Schwanitz
rEVUlution GmbH

“Challenges of the energy industry – Sales & Service rethought”

Anke Dewitz-Grube
Robert Bosch GmbH

“Living ambiguity – how Bosch Powertrain drives change”



We are experts in CIO advisory services, organisational development and change management.
Together, we enable IT, the business and the organisation to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.
  • Digitalization & IT strategy
  • Enterprise software projects
  • IT management & organization
  • Merger & carve out management
  • SAP S/4 HANA transformation
  • Digital commerce consulting
  • Digital administration
  • Digital insurance & analytics
  • Business agility
  • Change management & communication
  • Process management & mining
  • Project & program management

Digitalization & IT strategy

Our strength:
From your vision and your objectives to the realization of your plans – we accompany you along every step of the journey towards your digital future in a tailor-made and benefit-oriented manner.
  • Determine goals & location with assessments
  • Identify relevant fields of action
  • Develop positioning, goals and results for IT strategies
  • Think about digitalization from the customer's point of view
  • Live digitalization in the workplace for employees and managers
  • Interlock IT with the business in a value-oriented way
ContaCt Tobias Richwien

Enterprise software projects

Our strength:
We provide support for your digitalization in all phases of the implementation of enterprise software projects.
  • Consulting of no- and lowcode approaches
  • Agile (software) strategy development
  • Requirements and product management
  • Coordination of IT, business (organization) and service providers
  • Agilization of project teams
  • Implementation planning and rollout management
  • Change management and communication
ContaCt Roland Kreutzer

IT management & organization

Our strength:
With over 15 years of experience in the reorganisation and transformation of IT companies, we guide our customers to effective and efficient IT – with a focus on people, technology, strategy and your goals.
  • Setting up IT organisations
  • Shaping IT technologies
  • Managing IT services
  • Implementing digitalization
  • Live digitalization in the workplace for employees and managers
  • Interlock IT with the business in a value-oriented way
ContaCT Ilona Hannemann

Merger & carve out management

Our strength:
M&A requirements demand maximum IT flexibility, whilst ensuring continuous business operations. We provide professional support in all IT project phases.
  • Separate with a concept
  • Deliver mergers
  • Manage migration
  • Establishing contractual bases
  • Interlock IT with the business in a value-oriented way
ContaCt Tobias Radtke

SAP S/4 HANA transformation

Our strength:
Our expertes know the challenges involved in a S/4HANA transformation and consider all perspectives in the change: business, IT and organisation.
  • Aligning corporate strategy
  • Redesigning processes
  • Combining business and IT
  • Organising communication
  • Qualify employees
  • Supporting change in culture
ContaCt Ariane Hager

Digital commerce consulting

Our strength:
Market and process competence in commerce combined with specialist know-how and implementation expertise.
  • Developing digital sales channels
  • Modelling commerce processes
  • Customer-centric requirements management
  • Efficiently selecting technologies
  • Creating modern system architectures
  • Effectively managing projects
  • Making success measurable

Digital administration

Our strength:
As experts in digital administration, we offer strategic consultation and ongoing support through all phases of digitalization projects.
  • Developing strategy
  • Modernising management
  • Managing and optimising IT
  • Analysing and designing processes
  • Agile orchestration of transformation
  • Communicating and facilitating change

Digital insurance & analytics

Our strength:
Expert knowledge coupled with experience: We provide in-depth analysis, design and implementation of data models.
  • Utilising BI assessment
  • Developing architecture
  • Implementing DWH projects
  • Modelling data
  • Analysing patterns
  • Implementing governance
  • Ensuring data protection

Business Agility

Our strength:
We bring fresh thinking to shake up stale routines and outdated structures.
  • Mastering complexity
  • Acting strategically
  • Focussing on value creation
  • Controlling the flow
  • Practical application
  • Shaping scaling

Change management & communication

Our strength:
Create a fertile ground for change with change management and communication in large projects.
  • Perspectives change
  • Setting an example as managers
  • Involving and enabling staff
  • Anchoring change in the everyday life of the business
  • Communication to bring about movement
  • Aligning the message to the objective
  • Orchestrating the media mix
Contact Markus Czeslik

Process management & mining

Our strength:
Reduced process costs, data-driven harmonisation of processes and maximised customer value – your goals define our consultancy approach and which tools and methods are used.
  • Operationalising strategy
  • Setting the right focus
  • Designing sustainable processes
  • Practical process management
  • Creating total transparency
  • Realising potential
  • Satisfying your customers

Project & program management

Our strength:
With experience and methodical competence, we steer large projects confidently even through troubled waters and find the right mix of methods and approaches.
  • Managing projects and programmes
  • Implementing structures
  • Handling complexity
  • Creating transparency
  • Building project expertise
  • Orchestrating connections
ContaCT Tobias Müller



Globalisation, internet giants and a new customer attitude towards digital offers are the biggest challenges for the retail sector. We understand commerce as an individual high-speed business. We are prepared for exactly this – whether B2B or B2C. We empower you to take advantage of the change and help you to develop and optimize your business models and to get prepared for the future.


Climate change, renewable energies, new technologies – the energy industry is facing numerous major challenges. The associated disruptive changes will fundamentally alter the market. Together with you, we will realign your strategy, organization and culture so that you can take advantage of the new opportunities of market transformation.


The deregulation of the German insurance market has led to numerous new regulatory requirements that have a significant impact on the work in companies. We help you to keep an overview in the latest developments and requirements and support you in reorganizing your business processes.

IT Service Provider

Whether internal CIO area or external IT service provider: Expectations of IT have changed fundamentally in recent years. Instead of merely supporting the company’s core processes with IT, IT should from now on help to develop new digital business models that generate revenue. We support you in this role change.

Public Sector

In times of digitalization, citizens’ expectations of a digital administration are increasing. This expectation puts pressure on many public authorities, in whose offices manual and analogue work is still frequently performed in the 21st century. We help them take the first steps into the digital age and support the public sector in transforming its processes.

Who we work for:
From developing new business models and the industrialisation of IT to the management of complex international programmes, our colleagues have worked on a large number of exciting projects since our company was established in 2005.

The mgm Management Team

Together, we work to free up space, generate success and foster a far-sighted approach. Our management team consists of consultants with many years of experience in industry and in positions of leadership. Our consultants bring industry expertise and work with you on the same level of understanding.
  • Frank Kneschke
    Founder, MANAGING Director
  • Thomas Brugger
  • Olaf Terhorst
  • Dr. Arne Röhl
  • Roland Kreutzer
  • Benedikt Jost
  • Peter Schirmanski  
    Senior Manager
  • Adrian Schüller
    Senior Manager
  • Ariane Hager
    Senior Manager
  • Marcus Warnke
    Senior Manager
  • Nils Gralfs
    Senior Manager
  • Raoul Breton
  • Robert Machts
  • Antje von Garrel
  • Merle Best
  • Roman Schleicher


Together, we work to free up space, generate success and foster a far- sighted approach. Our management team consists of consultants with many years of experience in industry and in positions of leadership. Our consultants bring industry expertise and work with you on an equal footing.

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Motivated, cooperative, talented. We live for our projects.