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SAP S/4HANA and transformation
belong together.

Using business opportunities
Rethinking processes
Removing organisational obstacles
Managing change

“We want to use our knowledge and experience in change contexts to empower our customers to introduce targeted changes as part of the S/4HANA transformation and to include the entire organisation in the change process, so as to exploit the opportunities offered by digitalisation.”

Julia Zydorek Change Management & Communication

ADDVALUE Transformation Framework


ERP implementations often fail due to a lack of strategic orientation, sticking to familiar systems, applications and processes, inadequate skills development or a failure to listen to the needs of customers and employees – and ultimately due to a lack of leadership and business support.


Based on these experiences, our experts have developed the ADDVALUE Transformation Framework – a framework that picks up where implementation service providers stop. ADDVALUE takes into account aspects outside of the implementation, but which are essential for the success of a project and therefore for the business capability of your company. It is based on SAP Activate but works with the key services of an extensive transformation process, which goes far beyond the technical implementation: ADDVALUE combines the aspects of business, IT, processes, people & organisation. This makes the complexity manageable and helps you to succeed against the competition.

“We take on the challenges of the digital transformation and actively help to shape them together with our customers – for a strong organisation with enthusiastic people.”


Ariane Hager
Change Communication

Leveraging potentials – opportunities at all levels


  • Basis for agile digital IoT-based business model development
  • Increased market transparency
  • Integrated digitalisation and automation of business processes
  • Fast data capture and processing of large volumes of data in real time
  • Basis for fast prognosis, process simulations, reporting
  • Individual and flexible reporting structures
  • Simplified role-based operation via new user interface


  • In-memory database
  • Lower memory requirement with significantly larger data volumes
  • Avoidance of data redundancies
  • High SAP HANA database speeds
  • More transactions with increased speed
  • Reduced IT landscape complexity
  • Less support-intensive


  • Continual increase in value creation
  • Capacities freed up for higher value contributions
  • Increased customer focus
  • Streamlining and redesigning of processes
  • Process-oriented corporate culture
  • High agility when dealing with market dynamics and complexity
  • Focus on user experience with increased productivity

“S/4HANA is more than a system. It is the portal to a new working world, offering outstanding strategic opportunities. Together with our technology partners, we aim to help our customers exploit these opportunities – consistently and sustainably.”


Matthias Uebel
Change Management & New Work

A holistic perspective is essential.


We help companies navigate through the complex SAP S/4HANA transformation.

A digital transformation will be successful if all aspects of the change are orchestrated. We support our customers with changes to their digitalisation and IT strategy, as well as procedural and organisational adaptations. At the same time, the ongoing development of employees and managers is also on the agenda: Our modern training approaches ensure optimal learning results.

“The switch to S/4HANA gives us the opportunity to align ourselves more closely with the SAP standard again; at the same time, the new system needs to be flexible enough to map individual business processes.

In order to find the right balance here, we use process mining tools with our customers, to analyse and precisely map processes in S/4HANA before, during and after the transformation.”


Kathrin Eckhardt
Process Management & Process Mining

Business change

The business environment is changing quickly with the development of new technologies. The focus on purely technical migration without combining the benefits of the technologies with the strategic goal or thinking about new business models leads to poor decision-making. We will help turn your S/4HANA introduction into a business project, paying particular attention to S/4HANA integration and helping to strike the necessary balance between business and IT.

We support you with the following:

  • coordinating your strategic orientation
  • analysing the value chain and customer requirements
  • highlighting business opportunities and risks using S/4HANA
  • determining interdependencies with ongoing business and IT projects
  • balancing the interests of the respective business areas and IT
Process change

Regardless of whether a brown- or greenfield approach is taken, S/4HANA requires a change in processes. The challenge here is to strictly adhere to the S/4HANA standard without neglecting the individual value-creating needs of the organisation and to ensure sufficient flexibility. We help our customers to scrutinise the existing processes as part of the S4/HANA transformation and to tailor them to meet future requirements.

We support you with the following:

  • analysing business processes (with process mining if applicable)
  • Fit-Gap/Fit-to-Standard analyses and S/4HANA comparison
  • process standardisation and networking
  • target process development
  • customer journey integration


People & organisation change

Those who place a limited focus on technical implementation place too much strain on their organisation. Those who neglect the interests of individual areas and fail to implement the necessary changes in collaboration and learning culture, increase the danger of areas doing their own thing and put the project at risk. We focus on developing the appropriate competencies, effective working methods and fostering a collective culture, step by step and with sustainable effects.

We support you with the following:

  • transparency regarding the expectations of individual stakeholder groups for structural changes
  • formulating requirements for the organisation (e.g. agility, customer focus)
  • developing flexible cooperation
  • ongoing development of work and leadership culture
  • effective training for users and managers
  • harmonising business and IT
  • defining and continuously implementing a learning organisation


System & data change

One advantage of integrating S/4HANA as a digital core is being able to use modern technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence and customer experience for the company. This would not be possible without ensuring that the processes can be integrated and that the system landscape will be sustainable going forward, taking into account dependencies between the systems and offsetting risks. We aim to tackle these tasks early on in combination with professional change and communication management.

We support you with the following:

  • IT modernisation strategy (specifying target IT landscape with S/4 as a digital core)
  • S/4HANA implementation strategy (e.g.: greenfield/brownfield) and implementation roadmap
  • data governance (master data consistency)


Transformation Management

Transformation includes sustainable changes with effects on all levels of IT, the business and the organisation. The high level of interdependencies involved in transformation produce a dynamic that can only be handled using agile management and comprehensive change and communication skills. It is essential to pay close attention to developments and to precisely orchestrate the various measures.

We support you with the following:

  • creating transparency throughout the entire transformation process
  • developing a unified view of the change requirement
  • following a programme roadmap and governance according to agile principles
  • balancing the requirements from project and change management
  • leading an effective programme organisation with a motivated core team


Selected sample projects

We provide added value for customers from all sectors who want to capitalise on the opportunities offered to them by digitalisation and enhance their organisation’s potential. Together, we develop opportunities to increase efficiency, speed and transparency in the long term.

We aim to make our customers competitive.

Organisational change management:
A path to success with greenfield

Re-start for SAP S/4HANA programme:
Creating a solid basis for change for international builders’ merchants

SAP S/4HANA change management concept:
Strengthening the project team, organising commitment and participation

Training for SAP introduction:
Collaborative learning as a hybrid learning approach

Agile coaching for SAP S/4HANA:
Incremental instead of ‘big bang’ approach

Center of Analytics:
Satisfaction and customer focus for financial service providers

Agile introduction of SAP:
Methodological consulting for creating an agile programme for company-wide introduction of SAP

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Benedikt Jost

Benedikt Jost

Agile Evangelist und Strategie-Denker

Ariane Hager

Ariane Hager

Kommunikatorin und Potenzial-Entwicklerin

Markus Czeslik

Markus Czeslik

Kulturwandler und Change-Umsetzer

Matthias Uebel

Matthias Uebel

Musterbrecher und Strategist

Thomas Brugger

Thomas Brugger

Sparringspartner und Global Player