Leveraging hidden potential.


Our strength:
Reduced process costs, data-driven harmonisation of processes and maximised customer value – your goals define our consultancy approach and which tools and methods are used.


Market position and corporate strategy define the business capabilities required. We ensure that your strategic considerations are implemented through your processes.

Setting the
right focus

We use heatmaps and agile assessments for a clear backlog. This ensures the available resources are focussed on the topics that provide you with the greatest added value.

sustainable processes

We help you to put structures in place and optimise your process governance structures and role definitions, in order to be able to manage changes in organisation, IT and processes.

process management

Process management provides an active value contribution. We are able to achieve this by keeping utility-oriented documentation in a suitable tool, training all parties involved and operationalising projects.

Creating total

With our process mining technology, we can screen all of your company’s digital process cycles if required and analyse the potentials based on fact and in real time.


Analysis is the first step toward successful implementation: the task is to translate the identified potentials into actions, and then to implement and communicate them. Only then is the actual added value created.

your customers

What is the customer’s experience of the processes and where are potential customers lost, if applicable? The customer journey is the basis for internal optimisation, which serves as the basis for a service blueprint analysis.

Your contact person:
Kathrin Eckhardt