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In the following podcasts we want to give you real insights into our current topics and ways of working. Listen to what mgm'ies report about their everyday life:

Our Podcasts:

Merle tells:
SAP Solutions Community - Your advantage and difference to other consulting companies

Merle reports first-hand from the work in and with the SAP Solutions Community at mgm cp. A central role of this and all other communities is, among other things, the development of new consulting products - depending on personal interest and market demand. Merle will also answer your questions about the skills that will make you the best fit for our team.

Julia and Markus share:
Spectrum of interest Change - How our Change Community supports and improves us

Julia and Markus share their insights from data-driven change management and report on their projects in which they, as long-time members of the change community, support corporations in their digital transformation.

Louisa tells:
From vision workshop to ticket formulation

Software Product Consulting is a demanding, future-oriented and broad field of activity. In this episode, Louisa describes how she masters the challenges from the idea and vision to the realization of a product. Learn how she derives solution ideas from requirements, visualizes them and creatively implements them - from vision workshops to ticket formulation.

Nikolai tells:
Software Product Consulting: what is that and how does it work with the internal community at mgm?

Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to deal with them openly and learn from them. At mgm consulting partners, so-called communities are used for internal training, to pass on knowledge and to support each other in projects. Our colleague Nikolai has created the Software Product Consulting Community and tells you more about the tasks, his daily project work and how the community supports him.

Frank tells:
What is the day-to-day work of a managing director in management consulting like?

In 2005, Frank Kneschke founded mgm consulting partners. In the podcast, he talks about what he did before that, what a normal day looks like for him and what role music plays in it.

Tobias tells:
CIO Advisory: How the professional exchange in communities works at mgm

At mgm consulting partners we are organized in communities according to specialist topics. This continuously promotes interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues from other consulting fields and projects. In today's podcast with Tobias, take a look "behind the scenes" of the CIO Advisory Community and learn more about his daily project life and the support within the CIO Advisory Community.

Frank tells:
Management consulting for digitalization- what is it?

Empowerment for change and communication, for IT project management as well as strategic IT management: in our podcast "Behind the Scenes", Frank, Managing Director mgm consulting partners, talks about why these components are as important for success as the #sustainable, trustworthy, content-based value code at mgm.

Julie tells:
Life paths into mgm Consulting

Found mgm through dog laps together: This episode is all about how we convinced Julie to go back to work in the private sector. Stay tuned!

Lea and Jesper tell:
Onboarding as Junior Consultant:in and Culture at mgm

You want a realistic insight into the working methods of our consulting partners? Lea and Jesper report on the collaboration and corporate culture at mgm.

Lea and Jesper tell:
From university straight into consulting?

Lea and Jesper give an insight into their career start at mgm consulting partners. In addition to prevalent prejudices against the consulting industry, the two primarily address how they experienced their start as consultants at mgm.
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